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Tips for Buying a Home in Hua Hin

Considering buying a home in Hua Hin?

Read our tips first before you spend your hard earned baht on your new dream home in Hua Hin. If this is the first home or investment or even if you are an experienced expert at buying in Hua Hin, a checklist or guideline is a good idea.

Buying property in your home country can be a pretty strenuous task but buying in Hua Hin does not need to be too frightening an experience. Do not sign up to anything you are not fully sure and confident of and fully aware of the personal and financial commitment that you are about to enter into.


More often than not, people see their dream home and instantly fall in love and convince themselves that they can afford that certain Home in Hua Hin. Before starting to look for that dream property, the number one golden rule should be setting a budget before the search begins. This also includes plans for after the sale such as renovations, furnishing, insurance and tax.


Some areas of Hua Hin definitely are growing faster than others and are in higher demand, it is always wise to look closely and investigate thoroughly the specific area of Hua Hin where you are planning to buy. Do some footwork, ask the locals and check out the amenities. Take a walk around the area to make sure there is no nightlife area in the soi behind if you prefer the quiet. Go and eat at some local eateries or try the local shops and ask them a little about the area to see if it suits you…you may even make new friends!

Get advice

Particularly if you are buying for the first time, buying direct from the owner can seem straight forward but there are many ‘loopholes’ you will need to check before buying as a foreigner where you are offered very little legal protection after the sale. Buying through a reputable agent and having legal advice can provide the necessary guidance you need and help you avoid any dangers. Any professional real estate agent in Hua Hin should be keeping you informed at every stage of the purchase and making sure the sale is completed in a satisfactory amount of time.


I good idea is to make a list of all the facilities and amenities you need. Make sure you research the local facilities, transport and distance to supermarkets, restaurants and shops are also important. For families moving to Hua Hin, research the local schools and local healthcare facilities.

Something to remember also is that just because you visit Hua Hin once a year on holiday, the same spot may not be suitable for you long term. Speak to the local expats and research online to get a better idea, but be careful not to let their opinions sway you too much.


Seeing the pictures on the website do not always give the most accurate feel of a certain place, make sure you arrange to inspect to get a feel of the place you are buying. Not only will this make sure that the property is as described but it will also help you get a feel of the area, which could be your new home.


Never enter into or sign a contract that you do not understand or written in a foreign language and always read the small print. If you do not have someone you trust to translate the contract for you make sure that two versions of the contract are provided e.g – English and Thai. Its always wise to have your solicitor confirm and verify both versions and the help of an authorised or independent professional translator.

Make sure that you are clear on key points of the contract such as the deposit amount and payment schedule. Is the deposit refundable? Be sure that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. What is included in the price and what isn’t? Are there likely to be any extra charges? When is the completion date?

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